Reconstruction of Existing Waste Water Treatment Plants


No less important application of using the technology USBF that our Company supplies is an enhanced performance of existing Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Nearly all Waste Water Treatment Plants using the conventional technology do not comply with as to their quality and often as to their capacity and they call for enhanced performance. As far as quality parameters are concerned, conventional plants have, first of all, an insufficient efficiency to eliminate N and P macrobiogenic elements.

Demands for the enhanced performance of existing Waste Water Treatment Plantsgo beyond the demands for erection of new plants. That is the trend in which we offer promising prospective. Importance and remarkable advantages of such application lie with fitting the existing water treatment plants with new technology USBF which can results in both enhanced performance and increased output up to by ca. 20 %. It is important that the enhanced performance can be got with a minimum demands for tank design and minimum requirements for civil works and no other additional objects need to be built up. It offers notable saving expenses of the reconstruction that can reach ca. 30 % in comparison with the erection of a new plant.